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With the ongoing regulation of cannabis in many states, you can now legally walk into a licensed cannabis dispensary to buy recreational or medical cannabis as long as you meet your state’s cannabis regulations. The recent popularity of the cannabis industry has also led to the rise of cannabis products. CBD and THC, the active ingredients of cannabis, can use a wide range of methods to get to your system, including the standard way of smoking, vaping, ingesting, and through the skin. However, some consumption methods seem to be more popular than others for obvious reasons. Let’s look at some of them.

Cannabis oils

Cannabis oils are a big market in their own right owing to the versatility they offer cannabis users. Cannabis oils usually contain low traces of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis that results in the high), so they don’t give you the high associated with smoking weed. Many people who seek cannabis oils do so for pain relief, anxiety relief, nausea relief, among other benefits without the psychoactive effects. 

For instance, epilepsy is one of the health conditions that gets the most consistent support from cannabis oils. Epidiolex is one of the FDA-approved cannabis oil used to treat some forms of epilepsy. Dispensaries such as the Granada hills dispensary sell cannabis oils in various forms, such as the E-liquid used with the vape pen, CBD hemp oil, capsules, and tinctures consumed sublingually.

Cannabis skincare products

Cannabis also comes in skincare products such as topicals that you can apply to your skin to get the desired effect. CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, so researchers say that it can fight acne and other skin problems. Cannabis skincare products provide pain relief, hydration, and a euphoric relaxation effect. 

Products such as cannabis balms may provide muscle pain relief, while lotions help with the allure of clearer skin. Many of the cannabis skincare products focus more on CBD and the health benefits it offers. They provide a full-body effect or a localized effect on the specific area applied.

Cannabis drinks

Another cannabis product on the rise is cannabis-infused drinks, including cocktails, beers, cannabis cola, fruit punch, and coffees. It is a trend that is most likely to expand quickly should more states legalize recreational cannabis. Cannabis-infused drinks are getting popular because of the terpenes in cannabis that provide different alluring aromas and tastes. Cannabis beverages offer a completely discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. You can find them in a licensed cannabis dispensary.

Cannabis chocolates

Edibles are very popular in the LA cannabis market because they provide a convenient and versatile way of consuming cannabis. Cannabis chocolates are one of the most popular edibles alongside gummies and cookies. They allow you to snack while enjoying the benefits of cannabis, and they are a more definite method than smoking cannabis buds. Since they contain THC, it is best to control your intake to avoid overconsuming.


It is good to research the pros and cons of different cannabis consumption methods to help you make an informed decision about your best method.