Behavioral health is the focus of Beacon health alcohol treatment coverage and includes treatment for mental illness. For example, Beacon Health Options depression treatment includes antidepressant medications, current treatment costs, or hospitalization in a residential rehab facility or mental health crisis. What protection you can expect for mental and behavioral health depends on your plan.

Using Beacon Health Options in Network Mental Emergency Services

A mental illness, or a substance use disorder or behavior disorder, can cause emergencies. You may have a mental health crisis or an overdose and need urgent care. Beacon Health Network providers provide 24-hour access to medical staff, which can help you right away. They can provide guidance, counseling, mental health care, and medical care, and can take you to a nearby emergency room.

Beacon defines an emergency as a situation in which you are in danger, you may be severely impaired, a malfunction of an organ or you may be severely deformed. Your plan should include emergency services as long as the beacon is managed and the provider network feature. Your cost for emergency services through a provider outside the network should not be higher than if you were able to access someone on the network for care.

Behavioral Health Inpatient and Outpatient Services

When you are struggling with a behavioral health issue such as addiction or mental illness, you have to choose between receiving inpatient and outpatient care. Should be an important consideration in your Beacon health alcohol treatment coverage. Read your plan carefully and call if you have any questions about cost-sharing and security before making this important choice.

Generally, if you have a beacon program, inpatient rehabilitation coverage can be obtained through an in-network facility. These types of care include drug addiction treatment, drug or medical care if appropriate, and support services for assessment and screening, treatment, and alcohol or drug recovery.

The same is true of outpatient services. If you choose providers from the network, you should include your treatment. Outpatient services allow you to stay home while receiving treatment. Treatment includes medical care, medication, treatment, and counseling.