Cannabidiol (Cannabis sativa) is a non-psychoactive compound that has therapeutic benefits. It is one of over 100 cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis plants. It can help treat pain, inflammation, cancer, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other health conditions. Cannabidiol is also known as CBD. CBD vape cartridge are a type of e-cigarette designed to contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The CBD oil is extracted from hemp or marijuana plants using a solvent such as ethanol, propane, hexane, CO2, etc.

How to use the vape cartridge?

A vape cartridge is a device that holds the CBD oil and allows users to inhale its vapors. The cartridges come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their intended purpose. Some vape cartridges contain only CBD, whereas some also contain THC. They are of two types: pre-filled and refillable.

  1. Pre-filled cartridges come with a certain amount of CBD oil already inside them.
  2. Refillable cartridges allow users to add CBD oil of their choice.

Also called “vaping pens”, or “e-cigs”, the CBD vaporizer cartridge contains a heating element, battery, atomizer, and oil/wax blend that heats the CBD oil inside the cartridge. Once heated, the CBD vapor is inhaled through a mouthpiece attached to the cartridge.

Types of CBD

There are two main types of CBD: full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD.

  1. Full-spectrum CBD comes from hemp plants and contains other cannabinoids such as THC.
  2. Isolate CBD comes from industrial hemp or marijuana and only contains CBD.

Both contain CBD, though they differ in their ratios of cannabinoids.

Why has it gained popularity?

CBD oil has become extremely popular over the last decade. Many consumers are now using CBD vape cartridges to get high-quality CBD vape oils.

CBD vape cartridges are the latest trend in vaping. They offer convenience because:

  • They come pre-filled with CBD e-juice.
  • One no longer has to worry about finding and mixing CBD vape juice or worrying about the safety of mixing CBD vape juice with other juices.
  • The cartridges contain cannabidiol oil, which is extracted from hemp plants. This oil contains less than 0.3% THC and thus, does not produce intoxication or euphoria, which means it is legal in every state.

The cartridges are fabricated to deliver cannabidiol or CBD into our system through inhalation. The vaporization method allows us to take full advantage of the benefits without having to ingest anything, providing a wide range of health benefits.