It is not uncommon to notice these little red bumps and the ingrown hairs on the lower legs if you shave too often. Waxing the legs is a far better option than shaving, for it does not irritate the skin usually. But the happiness is only for a few days depending on the rate of your body hair growth. As the hair begins to creep back, you can neither wax so small hairs nor the razor will be of any use. If you want a long time left from the regular waxing schedule, immediately plan for the Leg Laser Hair Removal [กํา จัด ขน ขา ถาวร , which is the term in Thai]. 

The basic concept

So how do you think the laser beam will affect the hairs on your body? The technique makes use of highly concentrated light beams. The laser source emits the light beams that directly target the hair follicles on your skin. The pigments present in the follicles can absorb light and destroy the hair. You will be glad to hear that at least 90% of patients who undergo the process are good candidates for the procedure and report permanent hair loss after a minimum of three to six sessions. This is an interesting piece of news for all those tired of the regular waxing sessions. 

Studying hair growth cycles

It is mandatory to consult a doctor before planning the procedure. If you approach a certified dermatologist, you will realize that the process will be successful only if you can avoid the treatment under the wrong hands. If you fail to choose the right doctor, there can be serious damage in the double or triple pulsing areas. Hairs have a growth phase and the pattern of resting and falling phase. It is important to under laser treatments at accurate intervals to manage the removal of resting phase hairs too in their growing phase.