Can a few shakes of some yellow powder remove extra weight and body fat?

This is a pepper spice mentioned even in the Bible and used mostly for soup or pastry. Seeds were given as money to some priests even. In ancient Egypt, cumin was the thing used for preservation of mummies of the pharaohs!

There is a new study now about cumin, or how it can help you to burn the extra fat cells.

The professionals from Iran needed to find out the exact benefits of this spice on the body and also regarding the fat levels in the blood.

They spontaneously picked 88 obese women of 1 or 2 groups and assigned them. Both groups had reduced calories intake and had heavy nutrition counseling. One group consumed yoghurt with 3 g cumin daily, the other without it.

All the outcome results were published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

After 3 months passed, the group with cumin had lost maybe 50% more weight than the other group. Also, they had less fat percentage by whole 14,64% or equally to 3 times more than the other group’s loss.

The group with cumin had lower BMI also and their waist size was smaller than the other group.

The authors even said how cumin is good for weight loss since it creates some heat. That means metabolism will work faster.

The cumin also lowered the lipids in blood. For 23 points triglycerides dropped and the other group had only 5 points. The LDL cholesterol dropped by 10 points in comparison to the less 1 point in control group.

The cumin can contain even more than 100 ingredients like good fat acids or oils. The researchers state that this lowers cholesterol due to the glycoside saponins in it. These stop bad cholesterol pileup and remove it effectively in excrement. Cumin also has a lot of phytosterols that influence lipids when they lower cholesterol.

Authors said that supplements of cumin is good for reducing triglycerides or cholesterol too and also there are less chances of metabolic syndrome development.

But keep in mind there is good and bad cholesterol , deficit of It can be bad for health.