Achieving a perfect smile is common for many people, but several factors can gradually stain our teeth. It’s important to note that teeth discoloration can occur for reasons other than just drinking tea, coffee, or red wine, including smoking or aging. Fortunately, effective teeth whitening solutions are available to restore the brightness and whiteness of natural teeth. It’s crucial to consult with experienced healthcare providers to discuss the most suitable teeth whitening options. A professional dentist who offers teeth whitening in Toronto working at Dentistry on King says that although teeth whitening may seem simple, it can result in complications if performed by inexperienced dentists. Dentistry on King is known as one of the best clinic for teeth whitening in Toronto, according to Dentistrynearme, a trusted dental directory in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you’re considering teeth whitening, gathering all the necessary facts about the treatment beforehand is essential. Take the time to read this informative article carefully to make informed decisions.

teeth whitening in Toronto

Preparation before the Treatment

It’s important to follow some simple instructions before starting the treatment to increase the success rate of teeth whitening procedures. Firstly, your dental health should be in good condition, which can affect the procedure’s outcome. Therefore, it’s vital to visit highly-skilled dentists for a thorough dental examination to identify any existing dental issues, such as decay or infection, which should be treated before teeth whitening. This is also a significant benefit of teeth whitening treatments, as they can improve your oral health and ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and strong before the treatment begins.

Teeth Whitening Process

During the teeth whitening procedure, a cheek retractor will be placed in your mouth to prevent your cheeks from coming into contact with the whitening materials. Additionally, a tongue guard will be used to protect your tongue. The teeth will be rinsed and dried, and the whitening materials will be carefully applied to the enamel. In some cases, curing lights may be used to activate the materials. After the designated time, the materials will be rinsed off, and your dentists will check the shade of your teeth to determine if the desired outcome has been achieved. If not, the process may be repeated.

teeth whitening in Toronto

After Teeth Whitening Procedure 

Dental sensitivity is expected once your teeth whitening treatment is successfully done. As all dental professionals explain, it’s normal to experience dental sensitivity after whitening your teeth, as the process can temporarily dehydrate your teeth, leaving the nerves exposed. This sensitivity usually subsides within 12 to 36 hours, and your dentist can provide tips on managing it effectively after the treatment.

The most important point that should be taken into account before the beginning of the teeth whitening procedure is that crowns and veneers are not suitable for teeth whitening. If you have dental crowns or veneers, it’s important to note that teeth whitening may not be an option for you. The color of dental crowns or veneers cannot be changed with

teeth whitening procedures, so you would need to consult with the same dentist who performed the original process if you have any issue.

One of the most common questions patients frequently ask before undergoing in-office whitening treatment is whether this option is safe and effective. Of course, yes, if you find a highly-experienced and dedicated dental professional who knows how to protect the interior parts of your mouth before your treatments.