As a partner in Our Community Healthcare System, Inc., Orlando King is responsible for not only the strategic vision but also the financial structure and operations for the entire brand. He also happens to be the CFO/COO of 360 Recycling, Inc. – a minority-owned energy company where he shares similar duties like forecasting and leading the financial structure.

To Orlando King, from a certain perspective, these jobs are two sides of the same coin. He shares the opinion that now, more than ever before, recycling is of paramount importance. If we improve the wellness of our larger communities by showing proactive care for the environment, we can go a long way towards improving the health of the people who live there, too.

Why Recycling Matters

According to one recent study, an estimated 20 million tons of materials that can be recycled are thrown in the trash every year – pointing to a problem that Orlando King believes needs to be solved at all costs.

The biggest reason for this is that recycling absolutely helps combat climate change, one of the single biggest issues we’re facing today. Recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by taking raw materials and processing them for other uses, leading to far less of an impact on our planet.

To be fair, this is something that is already happening to a certain extent. There are a lot of common items that are produced from recycled materials all around us – many of which people don’t even realize. These include but are not limited to things like car bumpers, cereal boxes, many glass containers, nails, trash bags and even steel products.

It’s just that in the opinion of Orlando King, we need to take our efforts to the next level. We need to do our part to leave this planet in better condition than the one it was in when we found it for the next generation.

Other reasons why he says that recycling is crucially important has to do with how it can help conserve many natural resources that we’re going to need in the future. These include things like timber, certain types of minerals and even water. We’ve already seen droughts taking place around the world, including in the United States. As a matter of fact, as of March of 2022, about 59% of the lower 48 states matched that description.

But it’s more than just the fact that people don’t have access to clean water. Currently, 217.8 million acres of crops in America alone are going through drought conditions. If left unchecked, that will definitely exacerbate future food production. That could lead to other, more severe health issues for all of us – especially as supply chain disruptions continue across the globe.

In the end, Orlando King is passionate about this subject in a way that he feels we should all be. We’re all in this together and it’s a problem that will not be solved by any one person or method, yes. But a greater emphasis on recycling is the perfect way to start – and that’s why there is no time like the present to begin.