New York Hair Stylist know eye tattooing in its concept is no different from the tattoo of the lips or eyebrows. This is a kind of stencil that allows you to walk with made-up arrows on the eyes every day. Tattooing of the interstitial space (or tattooing of the eyes) allows you to emphasize the eyes.

This is a kind of colored tattoo in the form of an arrow on the eyes – permanent paint is introduced under the skin, it is absolutely harmless and safe.

Undoubtedly, eyes tattooing has several advantages. First, it does not hurt at all because the needle is very small and the maximum that can be felt during the procedure is mild discomfort, which disappears if anesthesia is taken. Besides:

  • Eye tattoo reduces the time of applying makeup and greatly simplifies it;
  • it gives the eyelashes a healthy appearance and visually increases their thickness;
  • a permanent make up can remain on the eyelids for 3-5 years;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • allows you to correct the asymmetry of the eye.

As we have said, the eye tattoo (or tattooing of the eyelids) is able to correct the visible symmetry of the eyes and visually “correct the face”. Therefore, the tattoo of the eyelids is able to cope with such problems as:

asymmetric eye position;

eyes that are far apart.

As with any salon procedure in New York, the tattoo of the eyes and the arrow have minuses and contraindications. However, they are not as scary and significant as it may seem at first glance. However, of course, it is worth being extremely careful: especially, in the choice of the master and sterility, both devices, and the room.

Among the major drawbacks of tattooing the eyelids, it is worth noting the possibility of edema (an individual feature) and pain, even during anesthesia (because everyone has a completely different pain threshold).

Contraindications in the tattoo is much more serious. It is worth being attentive. Therefore, you should not go to the master if one of these points applies to you:


poor blood clotting;


colloidal scars on the face;

addiction to mental disorders;

oncological diseases.


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