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What hack ad cheats did you offer?

Our valorant hacks, and cheats are in two kinds of subscription. These subscriptions depend on the availability of the frauds and processors of your PC. Both the subscriptions support Windows 10, equipped with the English language and HWID lock.

The Volcano offers both Aimbot and ESP cheats to users with a price of 20$ per day, 100$ per week, and 200$ per month. This cheat can be installed on a PC with Windows 10 but only supports this kind of version (2004, 20H2, 21H1). In addition, Meteor only works with ESP hacks because the Aimbot of it is temporarily unavailable. Similar to Volcano, it also supports Windows 10 but with this version only (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1). The price starts with 15$, which is valid only for a day, 60$/week, and 120$/month.

Do you offer a lifetime subscription?

Unlike several companies that offer a lifetime subscription and contract, our company only provides limited ones, which are per day, per week, and per month. These subscriptions allow the users to select based on their interests and availability freely.

Another reason why our company does not offer this kind of subscription is that many users might stop playing games in the future. Also, on our part, it is not marketable if the price for a lifetime subscription is lower than to those in limited. We expected that as the game becomes popular, the cost of the cheats might get pricey also because of the complexity of the bypass needed to be created.

How much is your subscription?

The cheats we offer allow the users to choose which plans they want to register in. For the Volcano, there is a price of 20$ per day, 100$ per week, and 200$ per month. In Meteor, the price starts with 15$, which is valid only for a day, 60$/week, and a 120$/month.

How different is your company from other competitors?

  1. Trusted developers

Most of our competitors received many complaints because their customers are being banned from the game because their bypass has been caught. Unlike them, we can assure that our cheats and hacks are safe from the anti-cheat developers because we are equipped with regularly monitored tracking.

  1. Regularly updated hacks

Because of our competent services, we always work tirelessly to keep the hacks and cheats updated. Since the anti-cheat system of the game is also securing the game’s privacy, then as a defense mechanism, our hackers also use regular monitoring to make sure that any possible issues are addressed immediately.

  1. Easy set-up of hacks

Once the purchase of hack has started, we will provide easy instructions to users, both text and videos. For possible issues during the installation, we have provided alternative solutions to it and remote queries if possible.

  1. Value customers

Since we value our customers so much, our company hired someone to answer all the queries anywhere and anytime. We make sure that we are available 24/7 since our customers come from different places worldwide.