Do you know that a single hemp plant contains hundreds of different compounds? If you are using products such as CBD oil, CBD capsules UK, CBD oil balm, etc. you are only using a single compound. Each of the compounds found in a cannabis plant offers a host of benefits. These compounds can affect the endocannabinoid system. This is why CBD has a calming and relaxing effect on the body. But if you combine thee compounds in a single product, you will experience what is known as the entourage effect. This is the name given to the effect produced by the synergy of effects as a result of the compounds working together.

You can get the entourage effect from a product such as LoveCBD Entourage Oil. You can buy this product from this CBD shop. Some CBD oil UK review has called this is a wonderful product because of its ingredients and the benefits they provide. You know what an entourage is right? It is usually a term given to a group of people. Individually, the members of the entourage have their own skills and strengths. But no single member can do what the members can do as a group. It is the same thing with CBD. A single compound can already provide a lot of benefits. But if you combine them with other compounds, then the effect will be magical.

Apart from cannabidiol, the entourage oil also contains terpenes. This is a group of compounds that produces what is known as the cannabis aroma. It also has plenty of wellness benefits. And when it is combined with CBD, then it produces more benefits. Terpenes can actually affect how the body responds to CBD. Some terpenes, for example, can allow more CBD to enter the bloodstream.

Are you worried about CBD UK law? No need because LoveCBD Entourage Oil is 10% legal.

To learn more about the different CBD products and their uses, check the infographic below from LoveCBD.