Every smoker and vaper loves to smoke or vape at peace. But there would be some situations where the people feel uncomfortable around the vapers while they are vaping.  So in this article, we will check on the way to stealth vaping. It is easier and simple to vape than smoking without affecting the surrounding individuals. Keep reading to find how –

Find the right vaping device

With thousands of choices you have out there in the market, you need to do your bit of research to find the right vape device that matches your lifestyle. If you want to hide the habit from the people around, try to find the vape device that matches the size and shape of any other object that you normally use in your day-to-day life, such as the pen-shaped vape device that is designed to mimic the actual pen or the USB holder.

Also, check for the various functionalities of the vape device before arriving at one. For instance, the sub-ohm mods are designed to offer extreme power along with bigger clouds. But these are pretty noisier than other vape devices. This makes the vaper draw the attention of others around while using it. Now, do you understand that these are not made for stealthy vapers?

On the other hand, technologically advanced vape pods are designed for stealthy vapers who want to hide their activities. There are a variety of skilfully designed devices that resemble USB sticks, pens, smartphones, and you can get them customised in the market.

Pick the vape juice that matches your needs

Vaping leaves a mild aroma in the air compared to smoking, Based on the e-juice used for vaping, the odour varies. Most of the flavours leave a pleasant aroma in the air. When you are using vape juice with a higher percentage of nicotine the chances are higher for the people around to suspect you. Vape Shop here for a wide range of e-juice based onthe preference.

Here are some of the common e-juice flavours chosen by the stealth vapers –

  • Menthol is a classic flavour – it offers a mint smell and is confused with candy or chewing gum. 
  • Citrus flavour
  • Cream flavour
  • Desserts flavours

Producing the cloud

Next, learn to be the expert to disperse the cloud in the air unnoticeably.

You may use some kind of filter to absorb the cloud. The trick is that the filter helps to reduce the vape cloud that is released in the air.

Hold the vape longer before exhaling it. When you take a longer time to exhale the vape, the lesser cloud will be released.

Be normal around the people

Do not act weird while vaping. This way you will not be noticed by others while you enjoy vaping. When you act differently, it catches the attention of others and makes them suspicious of your actions.

Be normal around the people and try to find a spot that would not be used by many for vaping. Ensure not to go to the spot every 15 minutes, else the people will try to find out the reason why you are roaming around the same spot regularly.

The best way is to wait for the right moment to sneaky to the spot for a quick vape.