Essential oils can be distilled from various parts of plants, including roots, trunks and stems, leaves, grasses or needles, saps, blossoms, and soil products. Like the human body, these diverse plant parts fill various needs, and knowing what part an oil comes from can give us a genuine understanding of oil’s attributes and impacts. 

It is an advanced idea. However, it tends to be truly useful when used in the form of therapeutic blends. Here is a valuable rundown of the principal benefits obtained from the various parts of plants. 


Roots are the plant’s anchor giving dependability and balance. They additionally ingest the water and supplements that the plant needs to develop and flourish. Essential oils derived from roots incorporate Angelica, Ginger, Plai, Spikenard, and Vetivert. They are useful for giving steadiness and balance when feeling restless, worried, focused, uncertain, frightened, or withdrawn! 

Must-Try Blends 

Ginger has a warming, encouraging, therapeutic property that can be useful for relieving fatigue. Diffuse two drops of Ginger, two drops of Black Pepper, 4 Rosemary, and six drops of Sweet Orange to try it for yourself. 


The aerial part of the plant is where photosynthesis and gas exchange takes place, giving oils natural affinity with the respiratory system. Plants found in colder environments (for example, conifers) are likewise typically warming and helpful, maybe mirroring the qualities they need to endure. These oils do not just support respiratory diseases but can likewise help clear the mind, encourage positive energy, and assist with aches and pains. 

Must-Try Blends

Eucalyptus, Niaouli, and Ravensara are usually utilized for respiratory issues, for example, hacks, colds, and influenza, and can likewise help stimulate and uplift your mind. To decongest the respiratory system, inhale the mix of three drops of Eucalyptus, three drops Niaouli and two drops of Ravensara. 


Grasses have fibrous roots and long, thin, straight leaves. They are significant financially as they are grown for pasture, animal fodder, and cereals, which structure a crucial part of our staple diet. Grass oils have to sustain characteristics that are useful for providing emotional comfort and support.

Must-Try Blends

To keep yourself energized and motivated throughout the day, pop two drops of Lemongrass and one drop of Lime into a fragrance-based treatment inhaler and sniff at whatever point you need a little boost. 


Some plants, trees, and bushes have woody trunks that yield sweet-smelling fundamental oils. These woody parts are liable for giving center soundness and coordinating entire water and supplements from the roots into the stems, leaves, and blossoms. Essential oils obtained from the woods incorporate Amyris, Cedarwood, Rosewood, and Sandalwood. 

Must-Try Blends

Generally called West Indian Sandalwood, Amyris can help clear and calm the mind, induce a meditative state, foster courage, and strengthen resolve. For a beautiful spritz to support your meditation, blend 100ml Orange Flower Hydrolat with ten drops each of Amyris, Cedarwood, and Neroli.  

Rosewood is balancing and harmonizing and is a fantastic immuno-energizer. To change the emotions and reestablish inner-tranquility, take a stab at diffusing two drops each of Rosewood, Mandarin, and Rose or Geranium. 


Flowers are the reproductive part of the plant and are connected with new life and development. Oils from blossoms generally have intense, typically sensual smells and an affinity with the female reproductive system, which echoes the bloom’s biological job. They are likewise fantastic for supporting emotions, calming the brain, soothing the heart, boosting self-confidence, and empowering new energy and imagination. Their tranquil and regenerative properties likewise make them unique for skincare. 

Must-Try Blends

Rose and Jasmine are phenomenal for balancing emotions and are popular for their aphrodisiac impacts. For an exotic and mood-lifting room spray, blend 150ml Rose Hydrolat with two drops of rose, two drops of Jasmine, and six drops each of Bergamot and Sandalwood. 

If the floral aroma is your thing, make your typical heartbeat point mood fragrance with 10ml Jojoba and four drops of Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose. 

Young Living essential oils are well-crafted from each of these parts to ensure the qualities of these plant’s parts are retained in their oils. Thus, trust us with your essential oils and accessories needs and rest assured, we’ll serve you with pure-grade organic oils.