Keeping seniors active in senior communities continues to be challenging for many activity company directors. Each resident includes a different level of fitness, interest and ailment that could stop participation in a few activities. Lately, senior companies might have observed, that lots of communities list Wii technology in their available activities. Though some might be asking why you will find very valid reasons this fitness technology will come in senior communities. Actually, listed here are four from the main reasons that Nintendo along with other console fitness programs could be advantageous for senior community activities.

Fitness level

Getting a number of fitness levels to think about may be the bane of existence for a lot of senior community activity company directors. With Wii Fit along with other gaming system fitness technology programs residents and activity company directors can setup specialized and personalized programs for every resident. The program within these kinds of fitness technologies are outfitted to inquire about several questions from the user. These questions, together with a weight and height check, lead the program lower a way to produce a personalized fitness experience. Because the user starts to achieve their set goals, the machine asks new questions and new goals are positioned. For any resident that may only perform a couple of minutes each day or perhaps a certain fitness level every day these programs are perfect.

Number of Fitness Programs

Too frequently, with senior community fitness programs, those activities are identical without any real alterations in the program. This could set monotony in anybody and lead them to avoid participation from time to time or entirely. With video gaming fitness programs monotony doesn’t have to become a factor. The Wifit program offers a number of fitness programs and activities with assorted level options. Yoga, bowling, tennis, walking and jogging programs are only a couple of from the programs offered through console fitness gaming. The range continues using the options of altering workout goals and fitness levels offering new scenery, adjustments in workout plans and increases in intensity.


Video gaming based fitness programs have the ability to one factor in keeping. Each program offers a kind of fitness consultation. These consultations offer a number of services for that user and behave as an exercise counselor of sorts. The machine asks questions that begin with a weight and height check. The load check is usually done on the USB connected fitness board or pad with weight sensors. Following this weight and height check, the machine will immediately evaluate just how much weight the consumer should loose and starts to set goals for that user. These goals adjust based on the users solutions to fitness based goal questions. Because the user starts to meet individuals goals, new consultations can look and goals adjust.