Everyone would like to know the response to one concern: Does it injure?

There is very little discomfort throughout Underarm Laser Hair Removal [กำจัด ขน รักแร้, which is the term in Thai]. Actually, numerous clients are surprised when the process gets over.

The most typical comparison we listen to is that the laser seems like getting a rubber band gently slapped against your skin.

Some people experience skin inflammation after treatment, as well as it is common to see inflammation and swelling, which normally vanishes within a couple of hours. Applying an ice bag is normally all that’s called to boring small discomfort.

Apart from the damage to the hair, some people may experience a momentary change in skin coloring. Skin shade may lighten or darken, but also for most people, this goes back to regular after a couple of days.

In unusual situations, some people experience a lot more severe reactions, such as blistering, scarring, as well as changing of the skin’s texture. These negative effects, though they can happen, are incredibly uncommon.

What to Do After Therapy?

For the most efficient results, there are numerous things that you need to do, as well as prevent, after laser hair removal from your underarms.

After treatment, it’s vital to prevent any kind of direct exposure to the sun. Though your underarms don’t get a great deal of sunlight, make certain to limit your sunlight exposure previously, during, as well as after the treatment, for up to 6 weeks. This consists of natural as well as fabricated sunlight, like tanning beds, both can trigger the skin to lighten.

For approximately 2 days after treatment, put on loose cotton garments and stay clear of Jacuzzis, pool, steam rooms, as well as workout. Also, stay clear of touching the skin under your arms and shower with lukewarm or cooler water. Do not wash with water that’s cold or warm.

In between treatments, exfoliate to ensure that your skin remains in its ideal condition to prepare for the next treatment. This will make the process more efficient, as well as it will additionally aid to prevent ingrown hairs.